edXPro360 is a 360 degree training program for students aspiring to bring out the best out of their innate capabilities to make them ready for real world challenges. We train students in all dimensions to win in real world competition and pursue their dream careers. Our wonderful trainers have experience of guiding thousands of students, across the globe. They helped them achieve big in their lives and are still on the mission.

Who we are?

VidyaToday.in is the 1st global educational portal providing information about the current educational systems and various career options. In simple terms it is a students education guide for their career prospects to choose a right path in education giving a total insight available to choose from enormous options.

What we do?

We saw the gap between the outgoing students and the corporate world increasing year by year, leaving residue of skill less unemployed youngsters in the market. To make every student a valuable skillful asset for corporate world, we have taken up this program bringing international’s best trainers on the board. With us, they share their passion to train youngsters whole heatedly.

Why we are?

Most of the students in professional colleges in India are from rural background. Some institutions are located in the rural areas itself, giving them no chance to take a plunge into transformation. The ever changing global requirements for human resources is making it hard to reach the moon for these students.

edXPro360 provides quality, latest and complete technologies to the students in order to prepare them for the industry's technology trends. Quality and time standards are well balanced in delivering the complete subject to the aspirants.

To the world where technology has become a basic need for any qualification, edXPro360 supplies the skilled assests with the roots of knowledge in technologies. To the belief that with the complete knowledge of the technologies will do the best use of it in the industry, the organization forsees a vision.

We, at edXPro360 bringing it to the reach of every student who deserve to make this world a better place with his/her talent and skills.

If you want to collaborate with us in training your students in your institution, leave us a message to edxpro360@gmail.com or contact us to given numbers.

Skills Development Program

There is a lot of gap developing between students coming out of the colleges and the real world scenarios. Students are lacking the skillset required in the real world. As a result, some quit in the middle of their career and some totally lose confidence in succeeding in their dream career path. At edXPro360, we offer them the complete package of technical, soft and life skills that are needed for them to survive in ever changing, fast growing universe.

edXPro360 have as association of trainers specialized in technology, communication, behavior and life skills with decades of experience in training students and shaping their confidence to take the best paths for their career.

Campus Recruitments

It is obvious that every college will try to organize campus recruitments for their outgoing students every year. It takes a lot of effort of placement officers and as well as college administration to skim through the list of best companies to enable a great start of careers for their students.

We, at edXPro360 help colleges and institutions smoothen this operation by aiding them with the ready-to-serve information and network of companies that are ready to procure through campus recruitments.

International Student Development Program

As a part of our mission to enable the access to global-standard education programs to students of all levels, we would like to introduce you the ‘International Student Development Program’.

Whether in choosing a career, performance in classrooms, in examinations or in real life there is always a way to achieve amazing results for your students as well as your organization when we fill the room with our high-impact, customized message and standing ovation training!

Out of the many benefits that your audience will achieve, a few of them are:

+ How to develop an unstoppable mindset having the right Focus in Learning.

+ How to choose/scale up your career with a Passion to succeed holding yourself Accountable.

+ How to become fail proof through Inspirational Experiences and taking wise steps.

+ How to present with impact to build fair scores and grades.

+ How to overcome your fears positioning yourself to win& succeed.

+ International certification that has global recognition.

Higher Education Assistance Programs

Over the last two decades, we have witnessed how education vertical has transformed into a competitive platform. The advent of technology has catalyzed and condensed the world into a village that can be accessed by the click of a mouse. However, there is a need for a platform that can build a bridge between the young talented minds and esteemed educational institutions. It is here that Higher Education Assistance Program has emerged as the sought after destination for many.

While information is one thing, it is also important to pave a path so that students are conscious of the direction they are heading.

This is done in the form of international career guidance seminars providing tips on how to choose the right institution, the right program and various other aspects.

Associating with students and playing a key role in shaping up their future is an exciting opportunity and the purpose is complete through our approach which comprises of the right value elements i.e., Trust, Responsibility and Transparent Communication & Commitment.

Career Choosing Program

One of the most common reasons people students at their Career Choosing, students is inability to handle their choice. A successful career takes careful planning as well as career training and choosing right program.

In fact, according to latest statistics show that "students are in able to handle their career."

At edXPro360, we have all the answers to following questions in mind:

1. Where to start?

2. Figure out what skills you have.

3. Skills employers are looking for?

4. Skills gained outside the workforce.

5. Left school without qualifications?

6. What are your work values?

7. How does work fit in with your life?

8. How to get ideas for your career.

9. Find out more about the jobs you like.

10. How voluntary work can help with career decisions.

11. Learn more about your training options.

12. How to make a career decision.

13. What to consider when making a decision.

14. Portfolio careers.

15. Entrepreneurship – turning a bright idea into a successful business.?

16. Plan and act.

17. Not sure what to do next?

18. Influences on career decisions?

19. Subject, study and training choices.

20. Are you ready for a career change?

Students Health Development Program

Students are facing the danger of ill health – physical and psychological, to prevent such illness factors “edXPro360came forward with Program called ‘Students Health Development Program’. We are providing more than 28 medical tests for the students to prevent from all kinds of illness factors; to make our country a healthy nation.

A. Vitals

1. Enter the Pulse rate

2. Enter systolic and diastolic blood pressure (mmHg)

3. Enter Respiration Rate

4. Enter if abnormal oxygen saturation (%)

5. Enter if abnormal temperature (F)

6. Do you see signs of paleness in nails?

7. Do you see signs of paleness in lower palpabral conjunctiva?

8. Are the signs of paleness severe?

B. Anthropometry

9. Enter the Height (cm)

10. Enter the weight (Kg)

11. Do you see malnutrition features?

C. Physical Examination

12. Is the child experiencing chest pain?

13. Is the child experiencing shortness of breath?

14. Is palpitations noticeable?s

15. Do you hear any sound during breathing like wheezing?

16. Any Difficulty in breathing?

17. Is the child experiencing frequent headaches?

18. Is the child experiencing frequent dizziness?

19. Is the child experiencing nausea?

20. Are the eyes healthy?

21. Are the ears healthy?

22. Is the nose healthy?

23. Dental

24. Throat

25. Nails

26. Skin

27. Hair

28. Bones and Joints

Campus Recruitment Training Program

Campus recruitment is where students are placed into companies before they finish their education. Companies hire students from college campuses based on their ability to learn and adapt. Only 10% of the students are able to secure jobs through this method while the other are left out to disappointment.

At edXPro 360, we believe every student deserves a fair chance to get a job before he/she goes out into real world. Our CRT training program focuses on building the aptitude, reasoning and communication skills in a student and keeps him/her ready and confident for the upcoming campus interviews.

Placement Assistance Program

Apart from technical training in various software & hands-on project works, edXPro360 helps you get a foothold in the booming IT & ITeS industry.

100% Placement Assistance* - When a student completes his/ her Career Development Program successfully, edXPro360 Placement Cell helps him/ her interview with major companies.

edXPro360 provides a platform for students to exhibit their skills through developing Projects and Applications. Their work is then judged by industry experts who give them technical guidance and placements.

Academic Collaborations

International partnerships between universities are beneficial to all, from the staff and students to the world as a whole.

At a time in which forming those links has perhaps never been simpler, it has also never been more necessary. The rate of internationalization is increasingly rapid, with unhindered communication channels and inexpensive travel. Universities across the world are already seeking to make the most of the possibilities this presents by forming global partnerships and fostering relationships with other institutions.

Why students benefit, and how this helps you

To paraphrase a popular saying: What’s good for the students is good for the university. The number of students choosing to study internationally is constantly increasing and, for this reason, it is only logical that institutions would want to ensure they embrace a global culture to continue attracting applicants.

Forming international university partnerships helps student recruitment in two main ways: For domestic students, it offers the opportunity to travel internationally via any programs which may have been set up – and vice-versa for students at partnered universities. It also enables universities to better understand the culture of other nations, thereby facilitating their marketing success there.

Additionally, arguably the main reason for pursuing higher education is the preparation it affords for life in the working world. In the globalized society we live in, international collaboration programs help by providing students with the ability to study, work and travel in an international capacity.

Plus, with the development of educational hubs, attracting international students from traditional regions of recruitment may become more difficult. To continue competing, universities should, therefore, be looking to invest in cross-cultural university partnerships.

How researchers and, on a larger scale, the world benefits

One in five of the world’s scientific papers are co-authored internationally. As a result of the expansion of communication methods and the ease of international travel, academics and researchers are finding it easier than ever to collaborate with their foreign counterparts, making the exchange of academic ideas much simpler to organize.

The ability to scrutinize, debate and share experience is essential for academic and scientific accomplishment. Constructively challenging accepted opinions and ideas is central to their development, and international collaborations help to facilitate this.

Such partnerships have contributed endlessly to academic and scientific progress. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh, for example, worked with teams from Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Peking University and the Nossal Institute for Global Health at the University of Melbourne. Through their research into infant mortality in China, they’ve mapped out this issue’s leading causes and predicted what may occur in future – discoveries that could easily save lives.

Another example is De Montfort University in Leicester, UK, which is collaborating on a €1 billion EU research program called the Human Brain Project. The project is developing ICT infrastructure to map diseases of the brain. This could well expedite cures and treatments for a myriad of conditions and diseases. There are innumerable other examples of the successes international collaborations can lay claim to across the globe.

How should you go about forming links?

University partnerships provide a huge amount of opportunities for students and staff alike. Along with research opportunities and cultural awareness, institutions can offer international experiences including study abroad programs and staff exchanges. In terms of teaching, benefits include curriculum development and degrees formed in collaboration with partner institutions. But how should universities go about forming those partnerships?

The laboriousness of forming university partnerships means that only those identified as being able to endure in the long term should really be pursued. Developing successful relationships takes a long time, from understanding the culture and goals of each other’s institutions to ensuring compatibility in terms of ethics and standards, it can take a lot of effort to forge a strong connection. This is before you even consider how collaborations might, over time, be impacted by changes affecting individual universities (such as staffing and funding), or changes affecting countries (such as alterations to law and government). In this light, it’s important to make sure that any university partnerships can adapt and survive in changing circumstances.

Research (not conducted in partnership with other universities this time) has shown that the best way to form these partnerships often stems from taking a personal approach. Staff, once again, is your best assets here. One study highlights staff working relationships as the optimal means of forming connections, through meetings, exchanges, and academic events. Indeed, it was found that the relationship development only became more pragmatic once the initial connection had been formed – although good communication was still vital for success.

Whichever method is used, perhaps the most important aspect of a partnership’s endurance is an alliance of ideas and goals. This means selecting which institutions to partner with carefully while confirming at every stage that all members of the partnership are on the same page.

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