Students Admissions Counselling

When deciding for higher studies, there are several questions pose in our mind. Through counseling, edXpro360 helps the education aspirants to subside their unlimited queries. Our experienced counselors spend valuable time with each student to understand their requirements, do the research, match the options and come to a best conclusion with suitable option. edXpro360 provides the best counseling and gives authentic and maximum information to the prospective students.

edXpro360 assists students in the following process.

We assist you in short-listing universities and departments based on your eligibility. We can evaluate your choice of schools and categorize them into safe, moderate and ambitious options with regard to admit chances.

Preparing your Essays, advise on choice of recommenders, financial statement, University specific forms, and all other documents pertaining to your application.

File your application Online on your behalf and ensure that you are in the loop and kept constantly updated on the process so that it becomes understandable to you at the time of your visa.

We can assist you in correspondence with the university w.r.t missing documents, additional information, interviews (if any)..etc..etc.

Once you receive more than one offer, we can help you choose the right sort of university and most importantly try and connect you to our earlier batch of students so that you can take support from them too in deciding your university, accommodation, etc.

Assist you in planning your finances in the form of advise for educational loan, taxation, etc..

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